December Daily –December 16th

Dec 16thToday started off with a bit of a flurry and panic as our dear Z woke up with a shiner (see above).  We didn’t really know what was up so there was some googling and phone calls to a friend who is a nurse and we decided that G would stay home with her (just in case it was an allergy related flare up)  Now we think when she hit  her head on her toy kitchen on Monday night the bruise needed some percolating time.  Nothing says Merry Christmas in photos like your child looking like an extra from Rocky V.  Once we were satisfied that it in fact looked worse than it was, the two of them ran some Christmas errands and I was at work (boo)

After our wee cage fighter went to bed, Garret got back to working on our back splash (photos to follow in another post) and I did some Christmassy things like wrapping presents (under our tree was looking  quite bare.) I absolutely love wrapping presents.  It is a trait I have inherited through my Grandpa–he would take immense satisfaction from successfully wrapping a hexagonal box of Quality Street chocolates.  G and I are just doing stockings for each other this year so I have some teeny things to wrap as well as a few other gifts then will be all ready to go.  We have three Christmas celebration locations this year so now I just need to organize which gifts go where and then I can relax with a large glass of Christmas cheer.


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