December Daily–December 17th

     The story of today is less of a fun holiday variety and more of the “December still means real life” type of story.  With 2015 approaching, G and I have been thinking more about goals for our family this coming year.  It seems that being better money managers tops the list! We both have the common and ineffective defense mechanism of burying our heads in the sand and not being proactive when it comes to our finances.  NO MORE MY FRIENDS….I think that this is something I have talked to death but now we are actually taking steps to figure it out.  I spent my lunch hour yesterday compiling information and filling in a daunting looking budget spreadsheet.  It is scary and yet strangely satisfying to see all of our income and outcome (?) in one place.
As I have said before, the past few years we have really scaled back on Christmas in the “present” sense and want to focus on enjoying it in the “presence” sense.  It will be nice to face 2015 not paying off additional credit card debt for things we bought for Christmas.  We used mostly cash (as in not even debit) this year which feels awesome–and will be our new holiday tradition.
I hate money, and really hate trying to plan it and save it, but I am realizing (finally in my mid 30s) that it isn’t going away so I need to figure out how to manage it.


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