December Daily–December 18th

The story of today is my current obsession: CHATBOOKS

 Garret and I are both huge Instagrammers.  When I browse through old photos we have posted it is almost like a mini blog. Small glimpses of our lives through single photos…I love love love Instagram.  The issue is I rarely look back at all the photos we have taken.  My count is 800something at the moment and so scrolling back through is something I never think to do.

I had heard about this from my friend Erin a few months ago, but I believe it just recently came to the Android platform.    I spent some time last night creating a Zoë book series that I am socrazyexcitedabout.  I linked both g’s and my instagram accounts and pulled all of the photos we have posted of Z into a book series.  Her life so far transfers into 6 volumes of Chatbooks and I cant wait to get them. We will be able to look through them and really enjoy all of the Instagram pictures instead of leaving them forgotten out there.  My obsession with photos/scrapbooking can merge and I get a photo book that I assemble on my phone. easy peasy!


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