2015?! BRING IT ON

Happy New YearPresenting a little bit of NYE canoodling Walsh style. This year our festivities were kind of last minute plans, but included a low key evening with friends while miss Z was being babysat by Nana.  Food and some bevies, lots of talk about playing games that never really materialized and despite our best intentions, much chatter about kids.  Lovely night.  New Years Day included a sleep in on our part, Garret making breakfast while I went to pick up Z, and then pretty much a pajama clad rest of the day.  We played with lego, attempted to snuggle with our non snuggly Z, tidied up and enjoyed a lazy low key day.   I may have had a mimosa (or two), but who is counting?

2014 was the first year since we started dating that we didn’t have a monumental life change: moving in together | buying a  house | planning a wedding |  having a baby…we kind of coasted as we figured out how to keep our daughter alive while maintaining our sanity and not killing each other. Goal for 2014? Successfully met!  We have lofty goals for 2015.  This year we have more goals for fixing up our home, and are working out a more concrete/realistic financial plan. I think often we start the year saying “we should work on the house, we should think about a budget” This year we have actually sat down with each other and thought about specific tasks for the home, filled in a budget and are taking steps to actually implement it.  We have realized that just saying “we should spend less money” does not really count as being on a budget.  The best part about early January is the hopeful, full of intention, gung ho feelings that come with the promise of a new year…I realize that we are the same people from Dec 31st to Jan 1st, but something about the clock striking midnight provides the blank slate.  Our glass slipper, fairy godmother magic do-over….and this year we wana do it right.

Main Walsh Family Goals of 2015: (to be detailed further in another post) *Working on the house *staying on a budget *Less (phone) screen time *Organization in life, work, home, hobbies and my fave *Plan making…instead of saying “we should do X sometime” I want to say “Hey! Let’s try X Wednesday afternoon” Hands into the huddle….aaaand GO TEAM WALSH!


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