Winter Woes, Daycare Germs and Busy Beans

Our little Bean brought two things home from daycare last week:  Her first finger painting (eeeeee so cute) and her first cold (less thrilling). She proceeded to cough directly in Garret’s mouth so he quickly succumbed to the illness as well.    Z had a really bad cough which was impeding her already less than stellar sleep record.  Over the weekend she fought her naps like crazy managing to hold off until 5pm on Sunday…a feat worth commenting on for sure.napping Somehow her illness did NOT effect her energy level and she was just as energetic and getting into everything as a healthy 15 month old.  I am finding this age to be really challenging. I love her to bits, but she is redefining the word “Busy”.  She gets into EVERYTHING and her favourite pastimes include emptying things (tupperware drawer, toy box, dogs food/water dishes) and attempting to rip down our blinds.  When I first went back to work I was determined to find a way that I could stay home with her. The mere thought of being apart was damaging to my psyche…now I feel that perhaps I am a better mother for being back at work. She gets her time with other kids (I get mine with grownups) and when her language skills develop more we will have much to talk about at the end of the day!

Peace Reigns Once Again

Peace Reigns Once Again


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