Lisa Frank Once Again Rules the Roost

Sometime in the late 80s early 90’s, Lisa Frank was every little girl’s dream.  My Mum bought me a Lisa Frank Trapper keeper (I think it was this one) And I thought I was the cat’s pajamas.  There were stickers, pencil cases and pretty much anything stationery/school supply wise  decked out with a wide array of multicoloured adorable animals/ice creams/rainbow whatevers.  90s girl dream come true.  Clearly I passed through this stage and hadn’t given much thought to her since.  Until this past summer. I was at the dollar store at saw a Sticker pack of Lisa Frank stickers..and immediately HAD to buy them.

lisa frankGarret thought I was nuts, because what 34 year old woman needs 300 stickers of weirdo animals and hearts and the like.  That woman is me folks, because I NEEEDED those stickers. And just like that they came home with me.  Where they sat unused in the basement until this week.  And this is where the story gets fun, and messy and sticky.

Zoë has been a bit of a slippery-back-archy-rolling away nightmare in the diaper changing department lately. (Apparently not at daycare just saves it for home but I digress)  G read somewhere that stickers can be a good distraction during diaper changes and  I had my Oprah “A-Ha” moment remembering the 300 stickers I had chilling in the basement.  So far, this plan has worked. She LOVES the stickers and has been pretty good about laying down when  told.  We were a little preemptive on high fiving each other about this awesome new plan…a few set backs

1) I made it through most of the work day yesterday with a Lisa Frank Puppy sticker on the back of my leg that I hadn’t noticed

2) We are finding tiny trippy 90s stickers ALL OVER THE HOUSE

3) Z is finding it hilarious sticking them to her face, the mirror, the dog…..clearly we didn’t think this through.



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