35 little things I am thankful for right now

Taking inspiration from Ali’s post this week…a little gratitude exercise sure can change your outlook!

1. I’m thankful for a husband who is my best friend who can make me laugh even when he is driving me crazy.  We noted this weekend we are in our eighth year together–crazy!
2. I’m thankful for having a Mum who is so supportive, good at listening and fun to be with. We are so alike it is weird, and it’s nice to have someone who understands me fully completely
3. I’m thankful for friends, old and new.  I am really really blessed to have such a great group of friends.
4. I’m thankful for the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing things off to do lists
5 .I’m thankful for coloured lipchap…a pop of colour and smooth lips = amazing
6. I’m thankful for the promise of spring and summer that seem to be on the horizon. Especially after the really late snow last week, I am extremely thankful for warmer weather adventures to come
7. I’m thankful for red wine enjoyed with yummy cheeses
8. I’m thankful for nail polish and currently Jamberry nail wraps…fun nail art without an paying arm and a leg for manicures
9. I’m thankful for Coffee…something I have come to heavily rely on the past 18 months
10. I’m thankful for Zoë  learning how to say “I love you”
11. I’m thankful for cold beers on hot days
12. I’m thankful for lakes and rivers and other bodies of water that can be swam in
13. I’m thankful for memory keeping/scrapbooking etc a hobby I love that brings me great joy. Has also brought me a great group of friends (“your fellow nerds” As Garret would say )
14. I’m thankful for homemade quilts made with love
15. I’m thankful for those five minutes every now and then when I am completely caught up on laundry
16. I’m thankful for drive in movies.  In this day and age I love that something like this still exists!
17. I’m thankful for date nights, time away is so important!  Also thankful for great people I trust to leave my babe at home with!
18. I’m thankful for scarves–the ultimate accessory
19. I’m thankful for Boston Terriers in all their snoring, snuggling, tooting glory
20. I’m thankful for Kawartha Dairy ice cream
21. I’m thankful for blogs like Girls gone child, ali edwards, cup of Jo, Elise Cripe (to mention a few faves) It’s nice realizing how much of this collective this experience of life and motherhood is!
22. I’m thankful for Nutella pockets at Timmie’s
23. I’m thankful for Zoë hugs.  Those little arms squeezing around my neck are perfection
24. I’m thankful for flirty text messages
25. I’m thankful for driving with windows down and sunlight streaming in
26. I’m thankful for those rare  mornings sleeping in past 7am
27. I’m thankful for perfectly ripe avocados
28. I’m thankful for Instagram
29. I’m thankful for spooning
30. I’m thankful for my little house. It may be small but it’s big enough for love (that’s all!)
31. I’m thankful for snail mail
32. I’m thankful for star gazing
33. I’m thankful for the Nike Running Ap
34. I’m thankful for Netflix.  The greatest way to do marathons
35. I’m thankful for hammocks just big enough for two


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