And some more!

While compiling my thankful list over the past few days I realized I managed to miss out on a few very important pieces

36. An awesome mother in law who comes and cleans my house, babysits my crazy dog to give me a break, takes Zo for sleepovers (again a break) makes me food, and commiserates with me about some of G’s personality traits (haha)
37. My two brothers, who I don’t see often enough, but who are great at texting, teasing and all around driving me bananas.  Definitely helped shape the person I am today!
38.  A brother in law who I have known since 1994. It is really fun reminiscing about highschool, being teenagers and the pros/cons of growing up in a small town.  We have a lot of shared interests and have great chats
39.  A father in law who  loves the bajezus out of Zo, who comes to help G with the never ending home fixing to-do list.  Something about him reminds me of the nice qualities of my late father which I find familiar and comforting
40. My Mum friends. Im lucky to have friends just ahead of me and at the same stage as me with this whole parenting game…allows me to have someone(s) to panic to when something new happens with this whole motherhood thing


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