I was out networking last week with another young Mum and as we were discussing our amazing daughters she asked “do you have any pictures”?  I opened my phone and showed off a few more recent ones.  The further back we flipped the more I began to feel crazy…I have a never ending photo stream of daughter and dog pics (with the occasional personalized licence plate or husband pic thrown in to break up the monotony) I have two THOUSAND two hundred and forty seven to be exact….as of writing this post.  I did a quell what seems like weeks ago and thought it was down to a more reasonable number.  But really….even for someone obsessed with memory keeping and scrapbooking doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of photos?  Is this normal for other mothers in this day and age?  When Zo is doing something particularly adorable I tend to snap away with my phone with the intention of printing/instagramming the most adorable of the lot.  But then I go back to get rid of some and I CANT….she is just the cutest thing in all the land and how do I pick exactly WHICH photo of her blowing bubbles is the cutest. She has a different look in each one and they are equally Zoëish…and so I then have 47 pictures of one visit to the park #firstworldmumproblems

Do I really need all 4 of these pics?  The answer is apparently "You betcha"

Do I really need all 4 of these pics? The answer is apparently “You betcha”

 I know I can upload them to our external hard drive/shutterfly etc but I never seem to get around to it. And when I do I upload 45 very similar photos…(see above)  Does anyone else have this kind of crazy?

Shutterfly is offering 100 free prints with the code PRINTSFORBFFS and  when I logged in to order some I realized that my 2015 photo uploads so far are January and Easter.  That is a LOT of photos in between that are just sitting on my phone. So then I also worry if I a) lose my phone or b) it dies in protest of housing so many photos. So…in related news this girl is going to be spending some time this week getting all our photos organized.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say organized but NOT deleted!


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