Dear Zoë at 19 months

Dear Zoë,

     You are 19 months old.  I was thinking about this last week and then suddenly couldn’t catch my breath thinking that in 5 months you will turn two.  I feel as though your first year went by slowly enough, but TWO my dear is right around the corner. How is that even a thing?  I feel like we waited for ages for you to turn one and it was so crazy, but two is just TWO… are fully a big kid at 2 I think?  Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around how time marches on. (and on and on)

You somehow manage to concurrently be the most adorable and yet frustrating being in my whole universe.  Diaper changes have become Olympic style wrestling matches…and as long as it takes me in the morning to wrestle you out of jammies and into clothes, at night it takes me twice as long to get you out of clothes and back into PJs.  You seem to insist on wearing whatever you currently have on. Several mornings your Dad and I have debated sending you to daycare pajama clad, soggy bum and all.  I feel as though our threats about that fall on deaf ears as you never waver. I am trying to pretend that this is all a lesson in how to remain calm under pressure–and you are just an EXCELLENT teacher my sweet Zozo.

Your love for bubbles and the outdoors has grown as the weather has brightened up. You spent most of Saturday morning outside at Nana’s house wearing a onesie, hat and your rubber boots.  It was 30 degrees but you were hollering for your boots when I tried to put shoes on you. So boots it was.  You like going for walks, splashing in puddles, pointing out garden ornaments, bugs, birds and dogs.  Just this past week you learned how much fun swings can be and now you are hooked. Daddy and I might try to get you a swing set for the backyard…we have the room and saves us walking all the way to the park.  You still are not a fan of the bath.  I have resigned myself to being the mother of the worlds cutest smelly kid.  I can deal with that. You absolutely adore stickers, markers and have begun to take great joy in colouring all over yourself.  I left you colouring in your high chair for a few minutes yesterday, came back into the kitchen and your arm and face had you resembling a smurf more so than a Zoë.  You love Nana’s craft room and have proceeded to snap the tip off each of her pencil crayons.  After each break you look surprised, hand her the broken one, grab another and smash that into the paper until it breaks. You still love reading and your favourite at the moment is the series of chat books I have ordered from instagram pictures. You point at and name people in the photos but whenever we come to one of you you say “baby”. Not sure at what point you will realize that they are pictures of you….but in the meantime its a great distraction for you to go through all of the photos.

            As I complain about every month, you still aren’t all that snuggly, but sometimes you will come flying up to us for a huge hug and I just squeeze you back and sniff your neck.  I could completely crush you in those moments with the sheer weight of my love for you.
You are starting to chat up a storm and constantly surprise us with what you can say.  This past week you have said “Walsh, Elliott, ready (for when Daddy is pushing you in the swing) bug, dirt, splash, Elmo” and probably a few others I have already forgotten.  Your go-to words are still “nooo” (with the CUTEST intonation at the end that kills me) and “Uh-oh”  You call both Brooklyn and your bunny “Bud-eh”  Sometimes Brooklyn gets some form of “Brooky” but usually it is interchangeable.

Your appetite is hit or miss…we never know if you will eat a Mummy sized portion of lasagna or just a few bites of goldfish crackers. You have really enjoyed burgers, pancakes, the icing off the top of a cupcake and ice cream as of late.  You know what cupboard we keep the goldfish crackers in and you point to it and open and close your mouth when you want some.  We always fall for it…it’s beyond cute Your nighttime sleep is better but you are still quite the early riser and naps at home are all over the map.  When your Dad and I refuse to let you sleep in in 14 years please don’t think we are horrid…just remember you did this to yourself.

This summer Daddy and I are looking forward to our family adventures. Last year you were the cutest, but obviously didn’t do a lot–this year I see many a splash pad/park date/outdoor adventure to be had.  I just so look forward to the months ahead learning who you are becoming and laughing at the absurdity that is parenting.

Love you to infinity and beyond,



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