“The J”

Once upon a time, years before I was born, my Dad bought a boat.  A 1973 J-Craft and it was a thing of beauty. His first baby if you will.  My brothers and I grew up revering the magnitude of this boat.  Our family was blessed to have a cottage which housed several toys, but the one to never mess with was the J Craft.  In the days before needing a boat license it was a very special important day when our Dad trusted us enough to drive this boat alone.  My younger brother Elliott was the first one to be granted this privilege and as he cruised the river, the phone in the cottage rang off the hook as people noticed that Gord’s boat was out and about with what looked like a “peanut in a life jacket” behind the wheel.  Come to think of it, I am the oldest and was the last one allowed to drive the boat alone….hmmmm…..

And just so I don’t make this story longer than it needs to be I will attempt to squash in important details here.  My Dad fell on hard times (self inflicted unfortunately) and that boat of his that had been so cherished for so long sat outside uncovered in a friends backyard.  After he passed away that friend reached out through my uncle and asked what we wanted him to do with it.  Garret and I jumped at the chance to reclaim the boat.  It had always been promised to my brothers, but we thought we could fix it up and then would all share it.  We neglected to realize how much money and time was needed to bring the boat back to what it once was.  So it has sat untouched and still uncovered in our backyard for the past four years.  It is so hard to explain, but this  LARGE junky shell of a boat represents to me all that is left of my Dad.  Fixing this boat will not fix the relationship I had with him, nor will it bring him back. Keeping it is only managing to keep my back yard looking like a scrap yard.  2015 is the year for so many things in my life and one of those things is letting go.  Being organized, living with less (emotional baggage and oversized items)  Last night G listed it on Kijiji so that we can get it out of our yard, and this morning I had my Mum send me some pictures of it back in the day.  I posted to Facebook to try to help sell, and I can’t stop looking at the pictures of what once was.  That is how I want to remember it. With my brothers and I goofing around inside it, likely moments away from begging for a ride or a waterski. Not like the redneck lawn decor it currently appears to be.20150601_12035420150601_121923


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