Dear Zoë at 20 months

Dear Zoë,

Time marches on…and now it is 4 months until you are TWO…(and Mama commences her panic attack over here.) This month has brought many changes for you. Your vocabulary has really started exploding, and you are talking a lot, most times we have no idea what you are saying, but you are adamant about getting your point across.  We cannot tell the difference between “Brooklyn” and “Bunny” so we often guess and hope we know who you mean.  Daddy and I are so excited for the months ahead as you start to be able to communicate more about your needs.  You have started saying: Sticky (wanting your hands washed after eating), Bug, Ew, Watch, Soap, water, and you can now list all the kids names from daycare.  Your  favourite friends are Mannie (Maddy)  AYA (Aria…for some reason you always yell her name. Very enthusiastic of you!) and Paul.

First hair cut

First hair cut

Nana and I took you for your first hair cut a few weeks ago.  That mullet you were sporting needed to be taken care of.  Much to our surprise you sat in the Nemo chair and loved it.  The hair dresser was very impressed as you sat there for your trim, ponytail and glitter hair spray.  (Clearly it is my superior parenting skills that kept you from freaking out) Your Dad wasn’t too impressed that I let her give you bangs, but dang it you look adorable!

LOVING the baby

LOVING the baby

Auntie Meg and Uncle Reg came for dinner with baby Kaelyn and you loved her.  I wish I had got a better photo, but you kept saying baby, and giggling at her little toes.  You were less than thrilled about me holding her, so I just looked from a distance.  I love seeing you start to notice and take an interest in those around you.  Maybe this means you wouldn’t object to a sibling at some point?!

Face washing

Face washing

We recently bought you a stool so you can stand up at the sink in the bathroom and you love brushing your teeth and would happily wash your hands for hours at a time.  I cannot comprehend your love of water in that way when you still detest a bath.

Dressing yourself

Dressing yourself

You enjoy dressing yourself to some extent. Thank goodness Boston Terrier Rainboots go with every outfit these days.

First time face painting

First time face painting

I'm sorry sweetie, I promise no more toilet pics on the internet

I’m sorry sweetie, I promise no more toilet pics on the internet

Much to our surprise you have been a huge fan of using the potty at school. They had us send in big girl undies for you (Nana bought you some adorable Minnie Mouse ones) and they are going to be working on that with you there.  You have NO interest when we ask you at home, but we are not going to force it and just let this happen naturally.  But my darling, should you choose to potty train early and easily? Well,  Mummy will be eternally grateful and might get you a car for your 16th birthday. (Might!!!!!)

Mornings are still a crazy shuffle around the house, and when I look back on this time I want to remember how much you LOVE smoothies for breakfast, but just looking at the blender totally freaks you out.  We have to be in the other room when Daddy starts blending and even then you cling to me like a spider monkey until it is over.  You have started taking on some responsibilities in the home which you take very seriously.  You feed Brooklyn, and if we would let you you would keep that bowl filled to the brim.  You wipe down your high chair when you finish eating, and enjoy wiping down all surfaces (definitely take after Grand-maman and Nana in the cleaning department)

Great time killers for you right now are moving magnets from the fridge to the dishwasher, playing with bowls of water and measuring cups on the floor, looking at pictures, playing with stickers and going through wallets.

You constantly amaze us, exhaust us, and delight us. Never change sweet girl.

Love Always



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