Dear Zoë at 21 months

Dear Zoë,

You are officially a 21 month old firecracker my darling girl.  You totally amaze me and completely exhaust me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  This past month has had it’s share of ups and downs.  We gave up nursing, you have been asking to use the potty more and more, you have found more words and have increased your desire for independence.  Overwhelming (for everyone) temper tantrums have been interspersed with moments of pure joy. One moment Daddy and I are saying that we want to sell you to the circus, and the next we agree that we almost can’t catch our breath from just loving you so very very much.

Your language continues to surprise us. You are continually asking “what’s that” and then try to repeat whatever we tell you.  You gleefully point out Daddy’s “Trutch” (Truck), Papa’s “Trutch”, bus, trains/choochoos, dogs, kitties etc. If you know the word and you see it you announce it quite loudly.  When you hear a plane in the sky you yell ‘Plane’ and point up searching for it. Other words include: Baby, shoes, elbow, booboo, tickle, Elmo (oh my LORD child you love Elmo), splash, pool, Ice cream and Jacob.

You have started carting around an entire posse instead of just Bunny.  You now have Baby Stella and Baby Aya  (named after Aria from daycare)  We have to have all three together now before you will nap or go to bed.  I love watching you try to hold all three of them while doing something else…it is a huge internal struggle for you to decide who gets put down so you can have a free hand.

You remain a pretty amazing eater. You will tuck into Nana’s hamburger soup or Grandmaman’s eggs with an adult sized appetite. And no ice cream sandwich will ever be a match for you.  Last weekend at Nana’s you requested them for breakfast.

Hobbies right now include: Watching Sesame Street on my phone, playing with water, splashing in the pool, running around in the back yard, pointing out booboos that need to be kissed and doing things yourself.  You will scream NO ME DO…and get really frustrated with getting shoes on the right feet/getting dressed/walking the dog/opening a door, but then will change your tune to “oh help!” after a time.  Daddy and I are trying so hard to remind ourselves that you are learning and we try to let you do whatever you can.

We have gone camping twice lately and you just love being outside.  We have a few more adventures planned for this summer, and I am so looking forward to these mini stay-caytions so that we can spend more time together as a family.  Yesterday morning we were hanging out in the bathroom brushing our teeth side by side, and I thought “yesssssssssssss this is just it…SO IT”

Thank you for being you, and for teaching me how to be a better me

I love you my crazy, wild, free spirited girl



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