Fun at the Drive In

Drive inWhen I was younger, the Shaw family would have an annual trip to the Gravenhurst Drive In with some of the Severn River crew.  The parents would set all the kids up with camp chairs in front of the cars (where they would remain safe and sound from mosquitos)  We would be armed with a ghetto blaster for the soundtrack, various snacks and drinks.  All the kids would try to stay up for 2-3 movies, but most of my memories seem to recall us barely making it through one.   One of the memories that best stands out was the time I got to sit next to my crush from several summers. Ryan Best…I adored him with all my preteen heart. Before the preview, his Dad plopped down next to me, threw his arm around me and said “Hey Ryan, this is how you do it”  We died of simultaneous embarrassment…clearly memorable as that moment still stands out 20+ years later.  I don’t think I watched any of the movie I just sat there as still as I could be enjoying the moment of being near him.

Aside from the young love aspect, I always loved going to the drive in, and I was so pleased to find that it was something Garret enjoyed as well.  We have gone at least once a summer for the past few years and now seem to have it down to a science.  We went last weekend to see the latest Mission Impossible.  We flipped down the back seat in the van, outfitted the back with couch cushions and various quilts, snacks and drinks within reach, comfy clothes on, relaxed and enjoyed the movie.  A great night as always, and a fun summer tradition that we look forward to sharing with Zoë  when she gets a bit older/can stay awake long enough to wait for dark!


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