Monday Words and Pictures (WITL 2015)

Our Monday this week was about awakening to toddler screams at  4:17am…one thing consistent about Zoë is that her sleep patterns are never consistent. Garret went in to comfort her and she did fall back asleep…when alarms go off none of us are springing out of bed.  G gets in shower, I head downstairs to get made up/hair brushed etc.  6:35 still no noise from Zo so I have to go wake her up. I can catch a glimpse of her as a teenager in these moments…that “urgh what time is it?” stretch, she sits up, then throws herself back onto her pillow. I feel ya kid… me too.


 She eats a still frozen waffle while I get lunches in bags, then it’s time to get dressed while she is distracted watching YouTube. (once swore my kid would never watch TV…judgmental non parent I was ahaha)  She has been all about peeing on the potty for the past couple months until this past Friday. What gives girl?! Diaper change and then I am out the door.

DSC_1455Mornings lately have the two of them at the front window saying goodbye and waving. Recent mornings she has been happy, waving and smiling, this morning she looked so sad.  I feel bad that Garret has to deal with her being so sad and I feel bad for me that I can’t just scoop her up and bring her with me all day.

 Daycare drop off went well according to Garret, they each did a beep beep on the keys for the truck and he managed to leave without too many tears.  Many mornings it is just Zo and Maddie at school–the two early daycare kids. So glad that she has someone to play with there.

My week to drive in carpool, we still have lighter summer traffic, cruised down, and then had my morning “coffee” with Mum in the car. I love how our coffee time evolves year to year, but most mornings we have time for at least a 5 min check in re the night before and the day ahead.

mid chat. Glorious action shot

mid chat. Glorious action shot

Work is about avoiding the outdoors today….30 degrees plus humidity. too much!  Wearing PPE gear at Engineering Building and sweating to death on the way back to my office.

Dress, leggings and steel toed boots...ready for action

Dress, leggings and steel toed boots…ready for action

Mon sky

Hurried to Walmart to meet Lauren for our monthly get together….wander around and grab a few fun things to take to the cottage for the kids.  I love that we work close enough that on weeks I drive we can grab a bite and catch up. Usually at Ikea where we take turns treating to $2 hot dog specials.  It is nice having a friend to indulge your “selfie for a scrapbook project” requests


 Work is quiet today hardly anyone in my office…trying to get a lot done to prepare for having a few days off, but am mostly day dreaming about a few days at the cottage.

20150817_095516Dress, bare legs and my dressy non steel toed shoes.

20150817_152324 Ran to the Dollar store on my break and grabbed some floaty toys, and sand toys.
Wrapping up the day and get a text from a colleague that the highway is closed both directions Hwy 9 to 88 for a car fire… So heading home shall be a real treat.

The ride home was a lot of back and forth off and on the highway to get us around an accident.  We got back on at Highway 9 and then had smooth sailing home after that.

20150817_174424Trying to be thankful that even though I had a long drive home, I wasn’t parked southbound on the 400 for HOURS.  The wall of traffic at 88 was intense.  These are the days that I question commuting as my lifestyle choice.  Garret sends me a picture saying that they are home and waiting for me whenever I make it

Just want to squeeze that little bean

Just want to squeeze that little bean

Got home and it was the first night this summer that having no a/c was a problem. I felt gross and slightly overwhelmed.  Part of the overwhelming feeling is just that everything is everywhere in our house. The back room renovation has started and so all things formerly located in there are strewn about the house. I try so hard to stay organized…curse these small houses.  I need to win the lottery and build a garage.

DSC_1454Zoë was clingy and really hot so we attempted the backyard bath option–kiddie pool!  She got a little rinse off which helped cool her down.

20150817_191215We got somewhat organized for the cottage and Mum took Zoë home so we could finish getting our stuff together.  We went out to buy some bee spray (backroom renovation of course came with the discovery of a rotten log housing a billion and one bees) Then headed to Minet’s Point for a dip and I felt my mood lighten as my internal temperature decreased. Lesson is: always listen to your Mama! Home for 8:45–watched TV on the couch, Ballers and Supernatural. I folded laundry, tidied the kitchen, then was ready for bed. 10pm finds us laying in bed looking at my photos from today and enjoying the bedroom a/c unit. Trying not to feel guilty that Zoë is with Mum and hoping that she just sleeps through the night!

question....are my eyebrows crooked in real life too?!

question….are my eyebrows crooked in real life too?!

Picture I didn’t capture….us slowly getting into the water at Minet’s SO cold, but as we got deeper into the water my body temp lowered and my mood raised….so thankful that my Mum took the munchkin so we could escape the heat and have a dip and giggle together.


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