Tuesday Words and Pictures (WITL 2015)

The story of Tuesday morning is that we sleep in with out our baby alarm clock.  Note that  there is light creeping through the blinds, check phone and spring right out of bed..it is 6:20am and we are late.


6:05am is a delectable sleep in for me….so getting up at 6:20 even without having to get Zo ready for daycare seems like a bit of a hurry.  Apparently I am the only one who feels rushed:

20150818_062024 My husband is many wonderful things, feeling compelled to spring out of bed ever…well that is not one of those things.

20150818_062347I get teeth brushed make up on and ready to face the day.  This drawer gets cleaned and organized every weekend, but as it is not a a child proof height things end up everywhere in short order.  I can’t find my concealer and have a mild panic about going to work with giant bags under my eyes.

20150823_123239Just need lipstick and I am ready to go….only to note later how badly this mirror needs cleaning. Yikes.

Just about to walk out the door and realize that that loud sound is not the shower upstairs but a really dramatic rain storm…the universe clearly realizes we are going to a cottage tonight.  These are the days I wish we had a garage.  As I hustle to the car I realized that I forgot to take pictures of Z’s chalk drawings from the weekend, and they are now all gone. boo.

20150818_063054Traffic wasnt too bad–surprise surprise. A win for all the commuters out there!


Got a coffee because we were early and I have NO self control when it comes to needing more and more and more coffee in the day. This is a habit I need to cut back on. Habits actually a) spending money and b) having 3-4 coffees a day

I stayed at my desk all morning, hitting the coffee room for our terrible work coffee, and got my files somewhat organized for a few days away.

12pm-Sushi farewell at lunch for one of our longterm co-op students.  I adore Sushi but find all you can eat so tricky…I never want to over eat but food keeps coming and it is so delicious.  (this might be the story of me never losing all my baby weight!)


Green tea apres sushi.  So yummy…and hoping for enough caffeine to carry me through the afternoon…I am so excited for 4:30 when I can scoot home and we can get to the family cottage adventure.

Chasing buster

Mum and Zo got up to the cottage around 10. She sent me this pic saying that Z has been chasing Buster (my Sister in law’s 2lb dog) around all day.  I think Z is missing Brooklyn who has been at my mother in laws for a few weeks.  Too cute!

4:30-5:45pm  The commute home.  Thankfully traffic is better than yesterday. Get home, go through all my “to pack” lists and load the car up.  Walshes are en route by 6:20pm


Lots of stuff!  Pay attention to the pink bag above it comes into play later…

20150818_181608 20150818_181620Thankful we have a van.

20150818_184602 20150818_182514He always drives and I always ride shotgun. It has just always been that way…no real reason, but I have to say I like it.  Side note this girl needs a pedicure.

We have to make a stop in Orillia, because we are nothing if not predictable in our forgetting something (Cough not me cough)  Pop into the LCBO and low and behold run into Elliott. Apparently the Shaw family needs some booze as well.  Force my boys to pose for a pic 20150818_190011and then we are on the home stretch for getting to the cottage. Finally some relaxing with the family…. (this is dramatic foreshadowing..)

Get to the cottage and Zo has a fever and is grumpy as all get out. Very clingy and unhappy…Mum says she just suddenly got all warm and moody. Oh great…Poor thing is late to bed, finally get her to settle around 8:45 and we all sit down in the living room with some drinks.  It is JUST after this that I go to get my comfy clothes on (as am still in a dress from work) and low and behold my pink bag is NO WHERE.  In my amazing Mum skills of getting myself and Z all organized, I somehow left my pink bag at the house.  Overly exhausted and pissed off with myself I have a brief mental breakdown and bawl my head off in the van.  Onward and upwards, my Mum has spare PJs (which were sized extra small so was like sleeping in a sausage casing)  I decide that I just need to go to bed. Clearly tired, we will just sort it out in the morning, the cottage is only 45 mins from home, and I can survive til the morning.  No more photos are taken at this point, as I am sleeping, BUT….1:30am has Z wake up with a poop and is WIDE awake….wants to sleep in the big bed with G and I (the three of us are sharing a room) and proceeds to sing to me, poke me in the eye, roll around and demand drinks and snacks.  3AM sees me head downstairs for some sort water for her and a bathroom break for me.  Mum is also awake and can hear the concert upstairs…..she said she will get up with Z in the morning (that woman is an angel in disguise I tell you) Back upstairs and the kid falls asleep….finally around 3:30 Wed morning


One thought on “Tuesday Words and Pictures (WITL 2015)

  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Wishing a restful night of sleep. I remember those days – being a mom of a toddler. My kids are older now (12 and 8), which means if I don’t get enough sleep, it’s my own darn fault.

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