Thursday Words and Pictures (WITL 2015)

The story of Thursday is getting slightly more sleep. WIN!  Mum got up with Z again and I slept til 7…lovely!

20150820_082243Jacob comes out “I am up because I could hear Zoë in my ear and I want to play”

20150820_083106 20150820_093023

I wanted to make a special breakfast for Ashley’s birthday so we did it a day early before we lost more members of the cottage crew.  Zoë was still pretty clingy so we Macgyvered her into a side carrying position with the Ergo and some French Toast was made.20150820_121559 20150820_121901One thing Garret can be counted on to do in the kitchen: make coffee!

yes please

yes please

The story of today was rain rain rain.  Mum left around 10 and we were trapped in the cottage with two kids and lots of rain.  Z was still feeling quite snugly so we put on a movie. Cat in the Hat (again) and 8 Below.

Z napped on me and it was amazing, that rarely happens anymore

20150820_113221After a brief nap and some lunch we played for a while then Jacob (the super napper) went down.

IMG_1272We were getting a bit stir crazy in the cottage and with Jacob napping it was hard to keep Zoë quiet, so we went for a drive and ended up at Lay-Z Acres Trailer shop.  We had a blast checking out the trailers and EVERY ONE we went into was determined to be “MY Trailer” by Z.  We are thankful for the small trailer we have, but shopping always seems to give me the ‘gimmies’, wanting something more and something better.  We can’t afford an upgrade just yet.  A lesson in being thankful for what you HAVE.

20150820_155829 IMG_1275 IMG_1285

IMG_1303 IMG-20150820-WA0004 IMG-20150820-WA0006 IMG-20150820-WA0008 IMG-20150820-WA0026 IMG-20150820-WA0027 IMG-20150820-WA0029 IMG-20150820-WA0046 IMG-20150820-WA0047

We got back to the cabin around 5 and played some more. Painted nails, ran around with pool toys on heads, got some minion tattoos, and ate some freezies. The sun was still out so we dragged the kids outside for some more running around.  G and Zo and I finally got to have a paddle boat adventure.  Jacob/Donnie Downer informed Garret while we were leaving “if you take the boat out there, you might die”  Kid takes his water safety to heart!  Kids had a bath and we thought that bedtime would be a snap after a busy day.IMG-20150820-WA0050 IMG-20150820-WA005120150820_210659Bedtime was NOT easy.  After 40mins of horsing around I brought Z down to the couch. Ashley and I had a glass of wine while the kids yelled back and forth at each other and demanded more “Kitty one”.  Feet were put down as there is only so much Cat in the Hat this mama can take!   9:45pm was finally bed time with me following around 10:30.  Goodnight!


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