Friday Words and Pictures (WITL 2015)

The story of this Friday morning was waking up mad early as per usual (thanks kid)  Packed up, wished Ashley a happy birthday and headed home…stopping at Timmies because come on people look at my face below. Coffee need is obvious.20150821_085428

We dropped Z off at daycare and did our daily selfie. Drop off was so hard.  I can see why it is the least favourite part of Garret’s day.  The girls at the daycare are so great and at least I know they take good care of my little ham.


Hustled back to the house, got prepared for our trip south of the border. This included turning the back of our mini van into a camper.  What to do when you are trying to travel on a budget?  Sleep in your vehicle like a hippie! One of the things I am thankful for in my marriage is that we always can laugh as we try to problem solve.  Below I am modelling all our couch cushions covered in quilts.  Sweet overnight accommodations.

IMG_1324 IMG_1327We head to the border. Garret is driving, he always drives.  Coffee stop, and we are off, traffic is smooth until we get to Lewiston crossing where we wait in line and people watch for a good 35 mins. IMG_1334IMG_1336Arrival at Darien Lake.  The trek down took us a bit longer than we thought as we had to make a few stops on the way….finding US cash, hitting a bathroom, and lunch.  We were surprised to find that the park was smaller than Wonderland (we expected epic theme park scale)  We went to the water park and had an absolute blast.  The story of today is to remember that we need to take time just the two of us.  It was really nice to relax and giggle and be together. Hand holding on waterslides for the win

IMG_1344Got  back to the van to change out of bathing suits and had a brief power down then ventured back into the park to grab a bite to eat before the concert. IMG_1361

Home run for this hunk in the batting cagesIMG_1375 IMG_1376We stopped for a beer and then really enjoyed the scenery walking over to the concert venue. IMG_1380 IMG_1382

We were both surprised by the size of “tall boys” in the States. Everything IS bigger down here. Also noticed all the smokers….things you don’t see in Ontario as much these days since you can’t smoke anywhere.IMG_1395 IMG_1403 IMG_1413We sang, danced, jived and had an all around amazing time.  Very good call on a birthday present Garret!  Darius Rucker put on a phenomenal show, Garret drank a few of those tall boys so I drove us off site to find somewhere to sleep. IMG_1427

Checking out the scenery while G pumps gas.  We found an EconoLodge on the way out of town so we pulled into the parking lot, parked towards the back and crawled into the back.  Taking a selfie under the covers.  We really are cool aren’t we?IMG_1429


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