Saturday Words and Pictures (WITL)

This particular Saturday was about waking up early in the back of our van in a hotel parking lot.  Dying to pee we ran over to Denny’s and had a relatively flavourless breakfast while planning out our day.  A google to show us where a Target was on the way back to Canada and we were set to go.  This Saturday was about remembering that even tho Target no longer exists in Canada it will always remain in my heart.  A good exercise in needs vs wants we did a perusal and just bought necessities…Comfy socks for Garret and rainbow themed birthday supplies for Zo cause yeah that is a need for sure.  We did some brief looking and then headed for the border.


20150822_082739 20150822_091835

IMG_1432 IMG_1437 Me navigating “what are we looking for next?” (meaning a turn off/highway/whatever) him “Canada….we are looking for Canada Jules” After what seemed to take forever, including a fast food lunch and us swearing to eat healthier this coming week, we made it home around 2:30. Z was still asleeping at Mum’s so I went over to relieve Amelia of duty and wait for her to wake up.


A pillow fort on the couch. on a pile of clean laundry.  giggles giggles and giggles.20150822_171550

Cat in the Hat. Again.  We have to fast forward through the beginning until the Cat shows up, then we watch for about 20mins and then we are done.20150822_182711 20150822_183625 20150822_184656 20150822_184750Gorgeous afternoon so we went outside, ran around the back yard and played. G and I were exhausted. As much fun as sleeping in a van (down by the river) was, we were both pretty pooped from the drive.  Hoping to tire Z out.  She didn’t go down until about 8:30–this week has totally thrown her off her sleep schedule.  Didn’t want to get in her crib, wanted to cuddle in the glider for a bit. I was happy to oblige.  Garret, Kevin and I watched Paul Blart 2 on the TV and then in bed for 10:01.


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