Sunday Words and Photos (WITL 2015)

This was another morning that started so freaking early I thought I was dead.  4:30 Zo was up with night terrors, Garret tried to settle her, wasn’t working so she came into bed with us.  She dozed and cried and kicked about until 6:34 when she was completely awake “WAFFLES MAMA PLEASE”  who can say no to that….downstairs we went.  I was so tired I felt hungover so we played on the couch for a bit and I let her watch YouTube on my phone while I struggled to stay awake.  We also took some early morning selfies: 20150823_081729 20150823_081730 20150823_081735 20150823_093231At 8:15 we went upstairs.  Me to G “If you don’t get up right now I am going to divorce you”

Him “I’m up I’m up”  He told me to have a nap for a bit and he would play with Z.  It was a life changing nap.  I came down about an hour later to fresh coffee and played with my WITL journaling a bit. 20150823_10200310:20 dressed and brushing our teeth. We head to the nursing home to visit with GG.  She was sleeping, so we just had a quick visit then back home.  Garret and Kevin were doing reno work on the back room and Z wanted to watch “Let it gooooo” (she sings that part now and it is SO cute) 20150823_113245Put Frozen on for her and began the first of 50 loads of laundry.  We go away for only  4 days but some how return and everything we own is dirty? I do not understand the science behind this. 20150823_122706We had grilled cheese and hot dogs for lunch.  Go budget family dining!  Nap time was an ordeal and a half…I crept up at 12:40 as it was silent thinking I could get a pic of her asleep. Wrong. She was sitting up playing with her bunny “Oh HI MAMA” I was busted. Took another 20 mins to get her to settle for a nap.  3:05 I hear her stirring so I go to pick her up. 20150823_152916Greeted by this totally grumpy girl…Did not want to get up. So I went back downstairs and I could hear her singing to herself and playing.  Fifteen mins later she called me to come get her and we came downstairs happy as could be. 20150823_152937 The bedtime/nap time crew.20150823_170851 20150823_170858Came downstairs and we checked out what Daddy and Papa were up to in the back yard, kissed Daddy through the window and did more tidying. IMG_1451Kevin took us out to the Burger station for dinner, then home and a relatively early night (compared to lately) for Z.  Finally remembered to get a pic of my favourite part of bedtime routine.  Family Hug. We all go in for a big squeeze right before we head up to bed.IMG_1458Been a lovely long week…Kind of ready to get back to work next week and get back into our routine.  Early to bed for Garret and I (9:30pm)


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