Halloween 2015

Halloween was on a Saturday this year which was fun.  It coincided with Daylight Savings and Garret and I had a good laugh attempting to recall the days where an extra hour at the bar would have been so appealing to us.  Needless to say, this Saturday Halloween was much tamer than years ago.

Garret worked on the house during the day, and I took Z to the nursing home to visit her GG and practice some trick or treating.  She was very popular at the nursing home and everyone loved her costume. I couldn’t get her to keep her hood up though…the best part of the whole outfit.

20151031_152841 20151031_153228 20151031_153425I brought in some candies for Nanny to give to Zo…it worked well, and they shared some goldfish and smarties together after the mini Trick or Treat.imagejpeg_4Zo halloween

20151031_182835 20151031_195613After the visit we went home, picked up G and headed to the Elyea’s for dinner. Had some phenomenal chili, and then just as we went to head outside it started to rain.  Definitely thankful I picked a costume based on how warm it looked. I thought that we would only make it to a few homes, but once she realized that people were giving her candy…she was all over it.  This is the first year that I am finding traditions like this to be so much fun with a little one. Two year olds finally start to get it..and it is such a delight to watch. She went up to the first few houses and said “Happy Birthday” then “oooh you’re welcome” once prompted to say thank you for the candy.  She caught on to the right phrase and then milked it for all it was worth.

We rallied against the rain and stayed out until about 830, home to put our sugar buzzed ladybug into bed. We robbed her loot bag for our fave chocolates then crashed shortly after…such party animals we have become. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.


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