Santa Claus Parade and Maddie turns 2

Last weekend was really busy but really lovely.  Saturday morning Z and I drove to Orangeville to meet up with Melissa and her son Richard for a brunch. It was lovely to get together and Z was quite enamored with “Baby Richard” We headed home for nap time (which was an epic fail) and then got ready for a special girl’s 2nd birthday.  The party was a success…all the kids got along and really enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes


We tried very hard to stage a pic of our girls, but this was the best we could come up with….could barely get them to sit still for a second. Too many toys to play with and stairs to climb!

We headed out from the party to hit up the Santa Claus parade not really paying attention to time. Everyone was SO excited but we clearly need to be more punctual next year as we showed up for three floats then Santa.  The girls LOVED it anyway but it would have been nice to see more.  Kevin came down to join us, lost our crew in the crowd, and when Garret went to look for him that was when Santa came by.


Thankfully Uncle Regan had free hands so he lifted Zo up to see Santa and his reindeer. She was completely enthralled and hasn’t stopped talking about Santa since.  She does a hearty “Ho ho Ho” when asked what the big man says. Too cute. Last year we only made the first 10 minute of the parade as it was freezing so we headed home, this year we caught the tail end.  I have high hopes for us to see the middle in 2016

As we were walking back to the house, the girls spotted a Christmas display on the neighbour’s lawn.


We have since gone back every night to say good night to the snowman.  Much to Z’s delight, on Monday they added two penguins to their line up…(according to her a mummy one and a wheezy one)  So we get bundled up each night, she puts on her backpack (not sure why) then makes me carry her down the street to stare at these lights.  This is really encouraging me to get my life together and get our house decorated this weekend. Someone remind me in the New Year to look for a sale on those light up outdoor ornaments for next year!


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