Dear Zoë at 26 months

Dear Zoë,

You are 26 months old and this has been one of the most exciting and fun times for us as a family.  This is your third Christmas but the first one where you have some idea of what is going on.  Your Dad and I look at each other in disbelief every day and say “how are we this lucky?  Is this really our life now?”  You are so sweet and funny and caring and I cannot get enough of you.

There are so many things I want to remember about this magical Christmas season with you:

-your obsession with “toe-men”.  You sing “Frosty the toeman” on repeat, nightly we go to say hi to the neighbour’s  snowman display. And you are constantly carrying around “Weezy’s tiny toeman” ornaments that Nana gave you..they survived for 20 years worth of Christmases, and you had them for 5 minutes and snapped all their arms off.

-You love Buddy, our elf on the shelf.  Each time we leave the house you yell “Bye Brooklyn, bye Buddy” Every morning the first thing you do is come downstairs to see where Buddy is. You prefer him to be on the tree or perched on the edge of the TV.  You think it is amazing that he is may-ick (magic) and goes to the north pole when you are sleeping

– As per usual in my monthly updates, you are not a fan of sleeping, but we have moved you into a big girl bed this month. You are very anti crib now and love to have a cuddle in the single bed Nana gave us. Your bedtime companions are currently Bunny, bunny’s blanket, Tinterball (tinkerbell..a hard plastic toy) and various books.  Lately either Daddy or myself have ended up in bed with you around 4am…working on knowing what is a reasonable time to get yourself out of bed.

-You love Santa in movies, and to talk about him….seeing him in real life? Not so much.   We have a pic of you in tears at the Christmas market, and a photo at the mall with Nana and myself. You were very excited until we saw him and then you said NO SANTA. We managed to talk you into sitting on my lap in close proximity to the big guy, but no interest in being alone or too close.  You tearfully told him you wanted Timbits but that was the end of that conversation.

-Daddy, Nanny and I made it to your first ever christmas concert.  I was SO proud I thought I would burst. Huddled up on tiny chairs with all the other parents I felt what every other Mum there thought “wow my kid is absolutely the cutest and the best ever”  You were great until you saw us then you cried a bit through the first two songs.  You rallied at the end and rocked out with the group number.  Daddy and I were both so excited and realized how many more of these fun events we have to look forward to

-You seem to have a vague understanding about this baby that is brewing in my belly.  I don’t think you grasp all the implications to come, but you enjoy kissing my tummy, pouring fake tea from your tea set into my belly button and saying “I love you baby”

-You are still obsessed with Frozen and will sing Let it Go on repeat.  Your daycare report card noted how much you love to sing–keep it up darling girl. I am slightly worried you have inherited my singing voice, but no worries… just need to turn the music up really loud and no one will notice.

You are magical, you are wonderful and most importantly you are mine.

I love you to the moon and back baby girl,



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