Back to it we go

After two glorious weeks of letting Zoë be our alarm clock, I just set mine for 6am tomorrow. As miss Z has taken the Christmas holidays as a time to learn how to sleep in, this should be interesting.

It has really been an amazing break filled with family time, crazy house organizing/cleaning, visits with friends, far too many M&M’s, and some glorious, glorious naps.  We had quite an extensive list of things we wanted to tackle and much to my surprise we managed to get them done. The house has never looked so clean,we have taken several van loads of clothing/toys/unused whatevers to the Salvation Army and I think we are heading into 2016 in a great place. We had some serious motivators including my Mum (who is like a less OCD,Canadian Marie Kondo) and the imminent looming “having friends in for NYE” threat that kept us on task. Go team clean house! We never normally have this much time at home to get ‘er done…and I have to say we keep patting ourselves on the back about it. Here’s hoping we don’t lose momentum as soon as we are back to work.

This past week has also marked the halfway point for this pregnancy. Which seems to have come out of nowhere…how can I be this pregnant?!  Garret and I have both found it crazy how quickly this one is flying by. Also…this one seems to go more unnoticed by both of us, work/life/demanding yet adorable toddler seem to keep us on our toes and distracted from this whole “brewing another human” thing. From time to time I am amazed by how tired I feel and then remember that I’m allowed to be. Not lazy just knocked up…my new mantra to myself. With the snow this week I’m finding myself wishing winter away…but when that is gone then it’s spring and we are at GO TIME for #2. Crazy crazy crazy. Well 2106 you’re starting off on an upswing let’s keep this going!



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