21 weeks in

Dear Mystery Baby,

I have been writing letters to your sister off and on for the past 2 years, so I think it’s high time you get some of your own.  According to my various aps you are currently the size of a pomegranate or a baseball cap.  I am finally feeling you move about more which is quite a comforting feeling.  Last night you were kicking/elbowing so hard it could be felt from the outside…I got all excited, got your Dad’s hand in the right spot, and then you promptly fell asleep.  If you could perk up a little bit tonight so that he can feel you move around a bit that would be great.  You’ve been karate chopping me all morning so far, so take a nap on the way home and then pull out the big guns around 8pm? ok thanks!

You, Nana and I went on our first plane ride this past week…to the exotic locale of Edmonton. You were much easier to take on the plane than your sister’s first flight..I didn’t have to entertain you, just feed you…a total breeze.  You were denied a dessert after dinner on Friday night and you haven’t let me forget it since. We have been craving sweets ever since. (I’m not complaining!)

Last week your Dad, sister and I got to see you and it was amazing.  We had our 20 week appointment and the technician checked out your heart (which was beating 140/minute), your beautiful face, your brain, spine and all other internal organs.  I could not identify most things on the screen but she said you looked perfect.  (Obviously since your Dad and I are awesome at making amazing babies) We didn’t find out if you are a girl or a boy and so ‘Mystery Baby’ you shall remain.

You will be here before we know it and I do NOT KNOW where the past 21 weeks have gone.  Keep growing little one. Can’t wait to see you in May.

Love always,


PS you are extremely flexible which I cant help but find very very impressive.  You have already been signed up for infant gymnastics commencing in June. So stay limber babycakes.for blog


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