The Sleep struggle (is real)

We moved Z into a big girl bed just mid November. She had been having night terrors for a few weeks and either Garret or myself were in with her, sitting on a glider, trying to console her at 2am. AWFUL.  My Mum gifted us a single bed she had and so we thought we would be able to cuddle in there with her in these middle of the night panics.  She now will only nap in her crib and wants to sleep in her big girl bed…and this has been quite the adapting process for all three of us.  Bedtime routine has been taking AGES for months now, and it seems even more complicated lately in that she can get out of her bed.  We do jammies, teeth, potty and into bed for a cuddle and to read some stories.  Inevitably it is back to the potty for a while (this is a cruel cruel trick.  I can’t say no when she asks since we are working on being diaper free, but I just KNOW she is faking….little bum)  She wants to cuddle or goof around and not go to bed.  If Garret is putting her to sleep she also needs Mummy and vice versa.  By the time we get her settled and close to sleeping we are both dead tired.  This is not helping with our “keeping up with the housework/clutter/life in general stuff” plans for the evening.  For the past month we have been dealing with nightmares (she is scared of the Grinch and a Dragon stuffy we had to hide)  So once again one of us would end up spooning with a toddler in a single bed.

The past week we have turned a corner and someone is sleeping through the night AGAIN.  I feel like I deserve this, a few weeks of sleep before we bring another newborn home and I am up every 2-3 hours again. I forgot how nice some uninterrupted sleep feels.  It is funny though because just this morning Garret woke up saying “is it bad I kinda miss sleeping with her?”  We have wanted a cuddly baby for two years and just recently she is asking for cuddles in the night and it is just the best thing ever.

Regardless of the sleep or lack of it….who could be annoyed when you have to snuggle an angel like this?



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