Daddy-wan Kenobi

For the past two years I have frequently teased Garret about his lack of awareness from 10pm-6am… While I have had super Mum radar and been able to hear any Zo related issues, Garret could have Z crying in our bed and somehow roll over and fall back asleep.  Lately this has changed. I am not sure if his senses are in hyper drive as he ages, or if he is realizing that in my knocked up state my Mum radar is somewhat muted.  A few nights lately he has popped up out of what I thought was a dead sleep because (as he says) “I sense a disturbance in the force”  He who once could not hear her screaming from a room away, can now hear the muffled “thump thump” of  two tiny feet hitting the ground, getting out of bed.  It truly is amazing to witness.  Sunday morning I woke up to him getting track pants on–I asked where he was going “Oh I can hear her breathing closer to the door” And sure enough when he got to her room I could hear “HI DADDY” from our little Z who was standing (and I guess breathing) at the gate in her doorway.

It is  fantastic to know I can roll over and Daddy-wan Kenobi is on duty to sense any trouble with our young padawan.


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