23 weeks along

    According to various apps Mystery baby is the size of a Barbie Doll, a Grapefruit, or the Fertility Idol from Indiana Jones.  S/he is doing a lot of karate or yoga in there, especially later in the day…I am still craving sugar and really bad food (like poutine…sweet nectar from the Gods) but now that I am feeling less like barfing all the time I am trying really hard to eat more veggies and healthy snacks.  The ladies in the accounting department have done their Italian voodoo gender predicting magic and all said Boy.  I believe they were equally divided on Z’s gender, but they all seem to agree with this one…only time will tell.  Sleep is becoming more difficult. Last night I had fun reading through blog posts from when I was pregnant with Zoë and remembered all the fun I might have in store.  Carpal tunnel has started to come back, I notice if I am napping in carpool I wake up with tingly fingers.  It’s funny how much you can forget in 3 years…I definitely forgot that that was a thing.

     It is so weird with the second baby. I feel as though I don’t have the time or mental space for every waking thought to be consumed with baby baby baby.  (definitely was last time)  I think I might be trying to cherish this pregnancy more when I reflect on how I am feeling as (unless there is a surprise in the years to come) this will be my last.  I’m savouring the frequent kicks and trying to be more constructive in my complaining. “Oh I am good…SO freaking tired, but you know, really happy…thanks for asking”  I have felt overcome with Joy more often than not lately.  I am feeling good, my baby is healthy, my daughter is the coolest cutest toddler in the universe, my husband is a babe (even though he makes me insane), my Mum has her health and lives nearby and helps out a ton with said cute toddler.  I really am so very lucky.

     While looking back at my blog I noticed various “OMG must get done before Gus arrives” lists and posts..again, poor second baby, we have minimal priorities to sort out before you get here. And really they are more of the “oh would be nice to get these done sooner than later” than “earth shall end if we don’t” essentials.  They include:

+ Change the house, our wardrobes, and gardeny things over from winter to spring

+ Paint the closet doors in the nursery/Z’s bedroom

+ Paint the interior/Exterior doors that were put in at the end of the fall

+ Dig out newborn jammies and onesies from Mum’s basement and wash

+ Get a pedicure and my hair done and a massage or something totally decadent right before Mystery Babe arrives.

+ Nail down a boy name cause MAN we find those tricky

Yeah really that is about it.  Sorry kid. You will be bunking with your Dad and I for a few months so I am not going to go nuts prepping a nursery…especially since prepping the nursery just means changing the sheets your sister slept on and removing various Frozen dolls and paraphernalia from the crib. Poor second baby doesn’t even get his/her own room. You may not get much that is all your own, but trust me kid you already own the other half of my heart.



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