2 kids, 2 dogs, 0 brain

Garret and I have long chatted about getting a friend for Brooklyn.  Someone she can hopefully burn off some energy with as well as keep her company while we are at work.  (Definitely those parents who feel bad our dog is home alone all day.)  We haven’t really be actively looking, and have just thought that the right opportunity would present itself.  At lunch last week I was looking on a local rescue site and saw that they were bringing 11 dogs over from Korea in the next few weeks.  Upon a quick glance I came across this face: IMG_0431.JPG

Oh hello little one eyed fella…immediately decided that I needed to apply to bring him into our home.  I messaged my Mum and Garret to see if I was totally insane, and then filled out an application. WE WERE ACCEPTED.  The rescue lady loved my application and after emails back and forth said she thought this little guy would be great in our home.  He arrives from Korea on Saturday and will go spend some time in a foster home, we will be going to meet him on the long weekend, and if he and Brooklyn get along, I think he will be coming home with us.  Definitely one of the more impulsive things we will have done (when it comes to adding to the family) but it is our hope that he will be a fun companion to Brooklyn and they can play together instead of B being a total nut when she needs more attention than we can give her. Should be interesting to see if this goes as well as I am hoping or if I need a lobotomy in the next few weeks.  He is great with kids and dogs (clearly a prerequisite for our family) loves snuggling (Definitely a WALSH!)  and loves the bath (ok that one makes him stand out from his future brother and sister)  G and I are both excited but nervous and trying not to be too excited until we meet him.   I really hope he is a good fit for our family, as it would be so nice to have two.  It is funny, so many of the Boston families I have met say they are like Lays chips “betcha can’t have just one”

Currently his name is Zank which we are not super fond of.  Top contenders for name change are Bronx (cause are have an NYC borough thing going on already) Harlem, Creed and Luther (those last two are just contenders for me, not sure G is on board)  Really looking forward to hearing more about him from the rescue this weekend…have already requested 500 pictures so we can look at him running around instead of in his kennel.


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