Someone is 32


 Garret turned 32 this week which is wonderful because it now marks a few months where I am only three years older.  July rolls around and it bumps back up to four….and he cherishes reminding me of being his ‘old lady’ at any chance he gets.  Z now gets the idea of birthdays and presents and CAKE oh man Cake….this was a really fun birthday as she was excited for it all week, had made him a card with Nana and practiced singing him happy  birthday.  Z and Nana baked a cake and Zo decorated it and we all enjoyed after dinner.  She only had eyes for “the cake Daddy I made a cake” We managed to force a few mouthfuls of dinner down her, but girl was pumped for the cake. She sang her heart out and helped blow out the candles. It was just so SO much fun.

Now we are preparing for the 7th annual birthday party at the Cabin. Guy’s night tonight, grownups day/night tomorrow and family day tomorrow for the Superbowl.  It has been one of our longest lasting yearly traditions that our group of friends really look forward to.  Reflecting on 7 years it is amazing to see how much we have all changed, marriages, babies, second babies….we are all growing up…yikes.  What used to be a weekend long hangover has changed to us passing out from exhaustion of child rearing plus a glass of wine.  (well at least for the Mums)  The Dad’s still seem to manage to get some drinking done 🙂


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