Bedtime is not for the faint hearted

Bedtimes have not been consistent in the past 2+ years. We have gone through stages of tears (z’s or mine) Easy times where I nursed her to sleep, put her in her crib and snuck out. Hard times bribing pleading, wishing for this little being to pass out.  Before Christmas I would dread them as they were a few hour long ordeals where Garret or I had to lay with her to get her to sleep….but lately, oooh lately, they have been some of my favourite times.  We do teeth, jammies, potty then get into her big girl bed together.  I round up whatever it is she NEEDS to sleep with that night (Bunny never changes, but the past few nights she has been unable to get into bed without wearing her pink rubber Boston Terrier shoes from Dama)  We pick some stories..current faves include Alice in Wonderland “Alice”, Cinderella “Arella”, and the Little Mermaid “Arreal”. We cuddle, and I attempt to read as she asks “what/who’s that” pointing to various pictures.  Then the light goes off, and we cuddle, speak in hushed tones about our day and what exciting things are happening tomorrow.  Then I had been telling her I love her, big kisses and hugs then Mummy sneaks off downstairs, while Zo plays and falls asleep. The past few nights have included her throwing her little arms around my neck and telling me “no work mummy, no downstairs”  and so I submit….because who can go clean the kitchen when there is a request like that from your toddler?  A person with nerves of steel that’s who.  And I? I am not such a person.  I realize in a few months that bedtime rituals will be handed to G as I deal with the mystery baby’s evening needs, and so I am cherishing all these snuggles and baby squeezes and “I love you too much” declarations.  Be still my very full heart.


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