28 weeks along

Dear Mystery Baby,

Hear those church bells a’ringing? They are celebrating our arrival in my third trimester…woot woot.  Welcome third trimester, month 7 and 11 weeks left til your arrival.  The week has been planned, but the date has yet to be set…I am so excited for that so we can start an official countdown.  I can’t get over the fact that I will know your birthday ahead of time.

The past few weeks have seen you getting bigger and Mama right along with you. According to various aps you are the size of a coconut/eggplant/Rollerblade.  I think your main job over the next few weeks is to just keep getting bigger, which is encouraging and also scary–I feel like my belly is running out of room, but somehow we will accommodate.  No weird cravings lately other than for sleep–Your sister, Dad and I have all been so sick for the past few weeks and have been focused on survival more so than too much pregnancy related.  I feel a bit bad for you since there is minimal nesting I get to do for your arrival.  You and Z will be sharing a room so you are pretty much just moving into the crib she vacated in the fall.  I am getting some new artwork for the walls and might spring for some new bedding, but sorry lovey you don’t get a whole room.  I promise once you are here I shall spoil you accordingly.

Names are still getting thrown around with nothing set in stone yet.  We met a little boy in LA with one of your tossed about names….and I saw our girl name written somewhere as well….there were funny Zoë hints while I was pregnant with her, but now that we saw both I just have to laugh…no hints for you!  I told your Dad that maybe it meant that there was secretly two mystery babies in my tummy one of each–he did not find that to be amusing.

It is funny the things I have forgotten from one pregnancy to another–I dont remember if I was carrying the same, or how far along I was when different things started happening.  But as I am starting to feel less sick, I am again trying to focus on YOU…your kicks and movements and your active periods (right after I have any juice, and then again in the evenings….when I finally put my feet up at the end of the night seems to be when you like to flop around) “Hey Mama, pay attention to ME now”  I dream about your face, your little toes and fingers. I can’t wait to cuddle you and to introduce you to the rest of the family.  You are going to be here in no time and I just can’t wait!

Keep cooking in there little one!

All my love,



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