Dear Zoë at 29 months

Dear Zoë,

You are 29 months old and simultaneously are driving me insane and exploding my I say that every month? This past month the three of us have been sick, which has done nothing to alter your energy levels but has done wonders to alter my patience.  You are in a really large, NO I will do it myself and NO I do not want to do that completely reasonable thing you are asking me, phase…We are surviving but it is a bit of a trying time.  You will be thrilled to know that thanks to your Dad and I having a phenomenal sense of humour we are managing not to send you to live with your Nana..or the circus.

Some of your favourites at the moment include:

-Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast (or Tinterball and the Puppy as you call it)

-Thunder and the House of Magic (Makik)

-Nail polish!!! ooooh girl. After weeks of asking, you got Daddy to cave this past weekend and he got some nice hot pink on his big toe. I haven’t asked if that raised any eyebrows this week at the gym.  You love it when he paints your toes, and you enjoy painting others..really more of a spackling of toes in their entirety but hey it makes you happy

-We inherited a bunch of princess books and those are mandatory bedtime reading lately. You seem to love all the princesses equally and have taken a strange shine to Ursula from The Little Mermaid. You impatiently ask each page where she is until we get to that part of the story then tell me “Ursula YUCKY” but then will often have me reread her parts of the story.

-You are loving your piggy bank and will spend ages putting money in and taking money out.  “Mama I need more money”  you and me both kid.

-You still are loving kissing my tummy and telling the baby things. You have had a baby in your tummy for a while now as well…sometimes our bellies look strangely similar to be honest hahaha… You will kiss my stomach and then tell me to then kiss your baby.  It still alternates between a brother baby or a sister baby in your tummy, but I feel like you will be an awesome big sister to either.

Potty training is still slowly chugging along. You will go days with a dry pull up/underwear and then suddenly change your mind and poop in your adorable Elsa undies. I have high hopes that you will be toilet trained by the time your brother or sister arrives but I refuse to get stressed out about it.  It will come….and in the mean time I will keep hanging out with you in the bathroom and listening to you read stories and tell me about your day.

We have many things to look forward to this coming month…spring, longer days, more time outside, a big sleepover weekend at Dama’s coming up, maybe the addition of another dog, and lots of family time together.  Come on Spring! Come on month 29 the Walsh family is ready for you.

You may be driving us nuts lately my dear but there is no one else I would rather have bossing me around and keeping me up at night. You are wild and opinionated and stubborn and beautiful and MINE.

Love you to the moon and back





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