29 weeks

Dear Mystery Baby,

You are now the size of a Barbie Convertible/Pineapple(yummy)/Acorn Squash.  This week has  been marked by the return (with a vengeance) of my heart burn. According to pregnancy lore this means you will have lots of hair.  I had heart burn with your sister and she had quite a bit of hair so I am expecting the same.

The websites all mention a rise in hunger around now which is JUST THE MOST TRUE THING EVER.  I need to pack two lunches because I am just one ravenous woman most days.  I am craving orange juice, fresh fruit and thanks to your Dad’s terrible shopping habits, Fruit Loops.  This season’s freshest offerings at the moment are mini eggs (gotta love the commercial side of Easter)  If I am not careful you will be getting all your growing power from bags of those in the coming weeks…a fetus can survive on chocolate alone no?

You and I keep getting bigger and spring is nearly here (I haven’t worn a jacket the past few days–feels amazing and it great cause mine barely fits anymore) I seem to only remember to take pics of my belly on Thursday mornings at Nana’s house.  I am glad you can catch a sense of my fabulous pregnant fashionista side through these photos.

Some mild nesty feelings are coming about: time to stock up on some newborn sized jammies and diapers.  I get the impression your sister’s size 5’s are going to see enormous compared to yours.  I have 34 days of work left before my pre-birthing you vacation starts.  Two weeks of “eeeek the baby is coming soon” errands, cleaning and planning and last minute to dos and then you are here…feels like just the other day I found out you were coming, and here we are full steam ahead in the final neck of the race.

I cant wait to meet you and nibble your cheeks

Love, Mama


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