February 2016 in 30 seconds

     Last month I read a review of an ap (1 second Everyday) by a blogger I love, Elise Joy.  She always seems to uncover the neatest ways to document the every day.  This really was something I got quickly obsessed with…as I tend to do. I downloaded it and started trying to capture a moment of our every day. Some days were intentional clips, other days were just “oops I forgot about this project but yay I took a video today” and it was really neat to see how my first month turned out!  I went back and did what I could with January but that month is mostly pictures, so Feb was my first intentional month.  We are now partway through March and there have been a few days already that I have forgotten about but I am really trying to get in the habit of this because at the end of the year it would be really neat to have a 3 minute video reflection of my year.  (Hopefully with less images of laundry piles on my floor, but hey….I was in bed realized I forgot a video clip, and what is more real life than that?!)


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