32 Weeks

I am terrible at setting up my photos to be from the same angle etc, but here is Mystery Baby, one week apart.  Definitely getting larger.  Baby is roughly the size of a pomelo or a football–no wonder I’m starting to feel really out of breath and super duper pregnant!  I can’t bend over, I have to sit down to put my socks on and I haven’t seen my lady bits in quite some time.  Pregnancy is just as glamorous as it seems in the movies.  I really really can’t believe how fast time is marching on.  As of today I can officially say “I am having a baby next month” Yikes.  It is such a weird feeling to be so excited and so terrified by the same coming event!  Definitely starting to feel real.  I made a “what I think I need to get organized” list yesterday…it is funny what one forgets from one pregnancy to the other.  By now when I was pregnant with Z, I think her nursery was organized, I had diapers, some newborn clothes, and felt as though I was ready. Hilarious cause I wasnt actually “ready” at all.  But I just had a brief panic today that if the baby came early I would have literally nothing together.  Plans to get organized this weekend so I am feeling a bit more put together.
Plans include:
*Motherhood maternity (or Thyme)– Nursing bras and nursing tops
*Shoppers/Wherever– newborn diapers, wipes, diaper genie refill
*Once upon a Child: Newborn Sleepers and onesies (just a few)  0-3 onesies and sleepers (just a few cause will want boy ones if babe is a boy ) Lace up bottom nighties for babe,  Receiving blankets
*Things to dig out from storage:
Bouncy chair
Car Seat
Cosleeper thing
Nursing Pillow
*I need to drop off the hospital information form at the hospital
*make a list for packing my hospital bag

Ok Mystery Baby…not to worry, Mama is getting ready for you!


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