There are a few noises that rouse me from sleep rather easily. One such sound is toddler feet on hardwood in the middle of the night. Zoë has been in a big girl bed since before Christmas but until recently has never left the safety of her cozy bed in the night. Many nights we awoke at ungodly hours to the cries of “daddy”, or more frequently “mama” but the past four nights I’ve woken up around 4am to see a little girl standing in my doorway clutching her Bunny. She comes crawling in with us, demanding I go get the blanket, waterbottle and dolly she couldn’t carry on her initial journey down the hall. By the time I return she has sprawled out in such a way that seems to negate all of the room typically offered by a King.

Last night I bailed from my marital bed and crawled instead into a purple sheeted empty toddler bed. No one was kicking me in the head nor sleeping on top of me. It was glorious! I think a game of bed swap may be our new nightly thing. I’m beyond caring at this point as long as I get some sleep!


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