35 weeks

35 weeks

35 weeks…and definitely in the home stretch now.  As of today, one more week of work and 4 weeks and a few days til Mystery Baby arrives.  The past week has seen me slow down significantly and begin the waddle.  I don’t remember being this tired and sore last time around…G says I am complaining about the same amount so maybe I was? Apparently I bake babies upside down as this one is breech as well and seems to favour some form of starfish position as I am just feeling SO full of baby…as in this little one is stretching out to take up as much room as possible.  At this point I am expecting to birth another Z…9lbs and long long long.
Nesting has taken place, my hospital bag is mostly packed, newborn diapers have been purchased (THEY ARE SO TINY)  clothing has been organized by age (If this is another girl I think we need zero new clothes so that would be a price saver) and info package dropped at hospital.  Mum and I have been running errands and crossing things off my “what I must do before birthing” list…feels good to be productive and get stuff done.  I think that I am still in work mode for the next week, but the two weeks off before babe comes are going to be insane.  Insane as in Garret will hate me with my “honey do” list for each night and weekend.  It is funny for the past 35 weeks have simultaneously flown and crawled by…how is that possible? some of the moms in my May 2016 baby group have started having their babies and I look at their smallness and I am still somewhat in disbelief. I remember being pregnant with Z thinking “ok so I go to the hospital…they give me a baby and then I take it home and I just get to keep it?!!!” I couldnt wrap my head around the whole thing…but its happening again. Someone is going to say “oh here is another baby and it belongs to you” and then I take it home and raise it along with Z. Still boggles my mind that this is happening….I am sure I am just eating too much icecream and that is where the belly comes from,,,,?
The next Four weeks have a lot of planning and excitement to come…..well…I’m ready for you! (mostly)


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