Weekend report apr 23-34th edition

The weekend was relatively low key for the Walsh family but nice nonetheless.  Friday night after work we got Z into bed and watched The Boss on TV while struggling to stay awake.  Saturday Zo and I went out for breakfast at Cora’s spent some time with Nana, and I had an epic nap.  We did some tidying up and some cooking and were all ready for family dinner Saturday night.  My Aunt and uncle from Victoria were visiting and we hosted a nice family dinner at our house. The end of my hosting duties before mystery baby arrives I am assuming.  My Mum did the shopping and my brother did the BBQing, Garret did the dishes, so really I just had to show up…great hostess duties. G spent the day at the cabin cutting down trees so we were both quite tired and struggled through staying awake for Z’s bedtime.
Sunday Garret randomly decided to run a 20k with my Aunt, so he was gone most of the morning, Zo and I did some grocery shopping, nap attempting, Sofia watching time.  Over to Nana’s late afternoon to have another visit with my Aunt and Uncle then we all went to the Farmhouse for dinner.  Home to get ready for my last week of work for a YEAR…..definitely a different feel to my Sunday night gearing up for one last week of work. I GOT THIS! I mean I think I do ha ha felt nice thinking 5 days left of work.


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