Last Day…

I have been counting down for this for a while now, but it still surprises me that it is here!  My last day of work….I will be home with my babes for 54 weeks starting Monday morning.  I feel so blessed to live in a country and have a job where this is possible, but I would be lying if I didn’t add that I am nervous too.  I have barely got a grasp on parenting one child and now we are adding another one to our crew.  I keep trying to remind myself of all the things I worried about last time that didn’t matter, and hope that this will be the same.  I am sure that in a few weeks Mystery Baby will be a real live named member of our family. One we will wonder how we lived without all this time.  It is funny to think that my normal for the past year and a half will change again, and we will have new routines for the next year.  I know this is going to be tiring, but thrilling….no more commuting, and working, but also no more coffee breaks and grownup talk.  (And most importantly less money.)  We survived the change from 0-1 so I think we can handle 1-2…team work, planning and stolen nap moments are on the horizon.  Peace out work….I am off to begin a new job for a while!


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