Dear Sloan (1 month)

Dear Sloan,

You are one month old–10lbs 5oz, 23 inches long and so totally, completely amazing. I was reminded recently of the quote “the days are long but the years are short”and it is just so applicable to this season of life our family is in. You and I have lived four lifetimes and yet also only 5 minutes this past month. I cannot believe you have been here for a month and I also can’t believe you haven’t always been the tiniest member of our family. I am doing my best to savour this crazy newborn stage because I know first hand how quickly it will end. Realistically I’m not savouring all the quality time we spend together at night. However if you are anything like Zoë we will have many more years of togetherness in the midnight hours!

I feel that in the past two years I have forgotten how to have a newborn. I am not sure if you are more easy going than your sister or if maybe I haven’t forgotten so much and looking after you is now just a second nature ability. You’re a pretty great but really loud sleeper, an efficient eater, and you do this funny thing with your leg that reminds me of a synchronized swimmer. Your main hobbies to date are pooping in a freshly changed diaper and accepting a mauling from your big sister.

It’s only been a month so I don’t really know you that well but you are just exactly who we needed to complete our family. I’m so excited for all the exciting changes to come this year and all the adventures we have in store as a family.

May you always have this calm temperament, the ability to tolerate your sisters love, and thus snuggly personality…(your Dad and I deserve one kid who loves to cuddle.)

You are loved beyond measure.




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