Father’s Day

For Garret’s first Father’s Day I had wanted to start a tradition that we would do every year moving forward. I realized that it would be tricky to pick a place to visit or an activity as sometimes life doesn’t allow visits to Weber’s (for shame!!!) or a golf course…so I bought some letters from Michael’s and decided a yearly photo shoot would be what would happen. I am thrilled to say I have managed to now do it three years in a row!! I’m so happy with all of them, but thanks to Sloan this year’s shoot happened to double in cuteness factor

Garret has the first two years already printed and hanging in his office–he’ll need a bigger cubicle soon.

This year he was off helping a friend build a fence so we didn’t do anything particularly fathers dayish. He started the morning off with the present and card that Zoë made him from daycare. He got teary reading her rhyme about small hands, and we joked about how children make you a million times more exhausted and vulnerable than you could ever guess.  As we dive head along into this journey of raising another young lady, I am thrilled by my choice of life partner and so happy that my girls get to call him Daddy. I know how much he wants to raise them to be smart, strong and confident girls (who still need their parents for a long long time) That is one of the many things I love about him!


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