This very morning

Sloan slept last night from 9:30-4am had a snack then fell back asleep until 7am. It really is miraculous what a super good sleep does for you after a good 6 weeks of less than adequate sleep at night. This has also been the first morning since she was born that the stars aligned for me to have some quiet coffee fueled morning time. Zoë is still asleep so it’s Sloan, Brooklyn and I (along with a glorious cup of Sumatra) chilling in the backroom. Mornings with two so far haven’t seen me getting to my coffee right away, unless Mum is here to help…so I’m calling this morning a win. Chaos reigns when Z is up demanding Cheerios or M & M’s for breakfast, so I shall enjoy this brief quiet. My smallest gal and a cup of coffee. Lovely. Happy Saturday to all.


2 thoughts on “This very morning

  1. A good night’s sleep is priceless…paired with a hot cup of coffee and alone time with baby #2 well…it’s amazing.

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