Dear Sloan at 2 months

Dear Sloan,

You have gained 2lbs and grown an inch and a half since last month. Your head is getting sturdier and you are now that much closer to being able to defend yourself from your sisters physical declarations of love. You are so loved by this family even Brooklyn can’t walk past you without sneaking in for a kiss.

This month has seen some more firsts for you—the drive in, the cottage and dunking your toes in Georgian Bay. Somehow you seem more portable than your sister was at this age, but I think I just have a better handle on this whole shebang. You have started smiling and cooing and you are just so wonderful. Your eyes twinkle when you smile and I feel as though you understand more than you should. You nap best on car rides, walks or just in my arms. No matter how carefully I put you down you perk up right after I’ve set you down. I have less baby snuggling time available at the moment as Zoë requires two hands and a ton of attention lately. In between fielding requests for snacks and to put dresses on dollies I try to snag some time for just us. Some mornings we get a snuggle and chat in bed, or we sneak downstairs and I have my coffee and you talk to the bird on your playmat. Routines are such a fleeting thing this first year so I’m enjoying wherever we make time to have a little quiet time together.

You’ve started smiling at Zoë and looking for her–you cannot miss her she is the wild hurricane of a girl  we have living here. When you spot her you smile and she runs over to you to try to make you laugh. A lesser baby would be afraid but not you my darling, you stare this crazy girl in the face and laugh along with her. I feel so blessed to have you–keep growing strong and awesome little squish.

I hope that this ferocious love between you two lasts forever. I know it will for me.

I love you too much forever (our family motto you can thank Zoë for)




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