Weekend report: July 23-24th edition

We had a pretty perfect summer weekend around these parts. Garret had a flex day Friday so we piled in the car and headed to the Severn for a few hours. Time up there is so precious to me…part of my soul resides on that river and getting to be there with my kids is amazing. After some gentle prodding we managed to get Zoë to jump in (to tons of hooting and hollering) and do some paddling around. The girl who was once afraid of the bath was yelling “jump again Daddy!!!” And leaping off the dock into Garret’s arms. So proud of my girl!! We headed home mid afternoon to prepare for family visiting for dinner. We only provided the location and Garret’s BBQ skills and my Mum provided everything else…talk about easy hostess duties. Jo was visiting from LA for only 3 hours so it was a frantic visit but just lovely to be together for a bit.

Saturday morning we took the girls and Brooklyn for a walk downtown and back. It was hot and I thought I wasn’t going to make it back at one point but we did it! Puttered around the house and Mum came for pita pizza dinner.

Sunday Garret worked on the backroom and I took the girls to the splash pad/park with Ashley and Maddie. Z calls it the spray park and was still quite hesitant to get wet. Home to do stuff around the house and I finished off the night with a 90 min yoga class. This morning sees Zoë sleeping in, me downstairs with a coffee and Sloan playing on her play mat. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold but I’m sufficiently caffeinated so it’s off to a good start!


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