Dear Sloan at 4 months

Dear Sloan,

This past month has been a busy one (hence your letter coming so late.. You witnessed your first (and what will be only) Tragically Hip concert. Had your first airplane ride and attended your first wedding. You will always be known as the youngest and most snuggled guest at Dama’s beautiful wedding. 

I notice We don’t have those quiet moments together that I had with Z, but perhaps you have one better as I know how quickly this this time is and I’m doing my best to savour your smallness and these fleeting moments of your babyhood. Watching you sleep, knowing I should put you down but you’ll never be 4 months old again so I should enjoy cuddles while I can. This has likely lead to our current dilemma of your terrible sleeping. You will nap on someone or in the car but the moment I put you down your eyes pop open….the term I’m heard tossed around is power napper. (Fits you to a T!) 

We had previously been doing so well with nighttime sleep that I think I got a bit cocky, the 4 month sleep regression came and blindsided me. There has been a lot of coffee consumed over the past month, nights are long and mornings seem to come so soon. Lucky for all of us you are such a delightful joyous little girl. Hobbies include giggling at your sister, pulling hair, drooling and kicking your legs. You are never still, not even for a moment it’s tiring and somewhat mesmerizing.

We just had your 4 month appointment, you’re 15lbs, 25inches and every bit perfect.  As sleep deprived and deranged as I feel lately, you and your sister bring me more joy than I ever thought possible (more grey hair and mental health instability as well) I’m so excited to see what the next few months will bring.

Love you sugar pie,



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