Dear Sloan at 3 months

Dear Sloan,

Three months have passed since you were born and already memories of your early days are blurring and fading. It feels like a lifetime ago you joined our family. I’m still learning how to manage you and your rambunctious sister at times, but usually you’ll find me just schlepping the two of you to wherever we need to go.

You are a treasure and a joy and I’m always being told what a beautiful baby you are…strangers remark on your gorgeous blue eyes at the grocery store, or your sweet smile at the doctors office. I am glad you are so laid back because your sister and your dog are pretty high maintenance and I’m not sure I could handle another of those! You wake up smiling and tooting every morning and it’s such a delight. Your smile keeps me putting one foot in front of the other until the coffee kicks in. 

This past month has seen some road trips, Weber’s, camping adventures and roughly 750 kisses from Zoë. You’ll never remember but she will yell “her smiling at me Mama” and she is just SO thrilled to be able to make you smile. She is determined to teach you how to do ballet, walk, colour and eat ice cream…oh and swim like a mermaid. You have a lot of learning in your future wee girl. The sisterly love affair seems to go both ways as you love to watch her and will track her with your eyes as she flits about the room. I have a bad feeling you are going to be an early walker just so you can play.

We are on no sort of schedule thanks to it being summer and your day time naps are brutal because of that. I think you’re afraid of missing out… More second child problems I guess. Sleep while you can my dear cause life around these parts seems to get pretty exciting the older you get.

I love you more than I can put into words




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