The road so far 

My friend Lisa welcomed her new son last night and looking at pictures of him this morning I realized suddenly that Sloan isn’t a newborn anymore. Somehow we have muddled our way through and have survived the early days.  I don’t think she had changed at all until I look back at photos and can see how we have all grown and blossomed together since May.

 Life with two kids has been more physically and emotionally draining than I had imagined. To counter that (and I’m assuming to keep people having babies) it has also been so heart exploding and breathtaking. 

Zoë is in LOVE with Sloan, what appears to be an all consuming obsessed sort of love, beautiful but occasionally bordering on crazy. She always wants to be near her, touching her, talking to and for her. Her greatest joy of late was when we went camping and had to take the truck. Their car seats were next to each other and Zoë held Sloan’s hand the whole way… A few days later we were back in the van and she was so upset the chairs were too far so she couldn’t reach her sister. 

Just now I’m starting to feel as though I have a handle on things. We have small routines and I have starte developing ways to do things with two…getting in and out of the car, getting ready to go out etc. Our next big challenge will be organizing Zoë’s bedroom to better accommodate two girls and all their stuff. Also the larger challenge of getting them both sleeping in the same room.  I know that as with everything in life, time marches on and things work themselves out. Am trying not to worry as I know we always find a way.

Mornings lately have seen Zo sleeping in and Sloan and I coming downstairs so I can have a coffee before the noise starts. Garret has started leaving coffee ready for me in the mornings—I just have to put the kettle on when I come downstairs.  (It’s a small gesture that means so much) Sloan hangs out on her playmat and I have my coffee…I try to at least get her ready before I begin the crazy for the day. It’s my circus and I’m working on having the most dynamic juggling act in town.


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