Dear Sloan at 6 months

Dear Sloan,

You are 6 months old–our lives have never been crazier, or more beautiful, and for that I am just so thankful. Life has been somewhat hectic the past few months (as evidenced by me forgetting to write you a 5th month letter, and by how insane your 4th month letter sounds)  Sleep deprivation will do that to a person.  I have no idea how much you weigh or how long you are.  Poor poor second child. Just know that you are a perfect length and a delightful weight. You are now at a most lovely stage where you fit nicely propped up on my hip and you don’t seem quite so breakable.

This past month your first tooth popped through and there is a second one coming close on its heels. You are the most smiley, calm, happy little snuggle bug and I love you oh so much. We had the first snowfall since your birthday, and your sister is SO excited for Christmas. You really have no idea what is going on, but since everything Z does makes you smile I think that you’ll have a lovely day.  We have been instructed to ask Santa for “baby Elsa toys” I sure hope you like Frozen.

We had your first Halloween–the family went as the gang from Frozen and you were definitely the cutest Olaf ever. You and I went on a road trip with Renee and Cedric to Ottawa.  You two were amazing travelers, but I don’t think I will be jumping to drive any long distances with kids again anytime soon.

I cannot believe we have made it half way through your first year!  Time is flying by. Some of these days have been hard and exhausting and frustrating, but I know that I will always look back fondly on this time and be grateful to have had a whole year to spend at home with you.

Your sleeping was terrible awful and I was going slightly insane so we also have done some sleep training this past month and now you are taking better naps and tending to sleep a bit better through the night.  You and I are currently sleeping in the back room together, and I am waiting to take the plunge to get you back upstairs and sharing a room with your sister. It’s funny, with all these transitions (and let me tell you little girl we have already had a ton of them these past few months) I panic, worry and over plan, and then somehow it all works out and leaves me laughing at myself for being worked up. And gives your Daddy ammunition to tease me for all the worry.

The other day I was working on our family scrapbook from last Christmas and had a moment of panicking as to why I didnt have any photos of you included. (Duh)  I then looked back to a card I wrote about how next year we would be signing our cards including one more person…how crazy that seemed to me at the time. Now it seems crazy to me that our family ever existed without you.

I love you to the moon and back my smiling little goose. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months of growth and love with you will bring.


your Mama


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