Dear Sloan at 7 months

Dear Sloan,

Welcome to your first Christmas season darling girl! 

You have your two bottom teeth, are working on the top two and yet you are still the sweetest happiest baby imaginable. You like to practice using them by chewing on everything that you can get in your mouth. The other day much to Zoë’s panic we caught you chewing on the Little People Baby Jesus from our crèche.

 You are always smiling and your face lights up brighter than our tree whenever you spot your big sister. It is such a joy to watch the two of you together, and I hope that you will always love each other this much. I say this every month but I just want it to ring true. 

We have started you more regularly on real food and you seem to enjoy it. Brooklyn benefits the most as feeding her is your new favourite hobby.

I’m so excited for Christmas this year Sloanie girl…last Christmas we wondered who would be here with us this year and of COURSE it is you…I can’t imagine who else would be completing the Walsh family. Our blue eyed smiley little snuggle bug, there couldn’t possibly be anyone else. 

Merry Christmas baby girl.

Love, Mama


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